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Jessica Kantor is a freelance journalist and communications expert specializing in healthcare, human rights, and international relations. She currently serves as the Director of Communications at Bell + Ivy, a personal branding agency. 

Her years in leadership communications roles have allowed her to work with written, audio, visual, and verbal narratives. She has worked with advocates for the homeless, drug and alcohol treatment centers, social justice entrepreneurs, impact venture capitalists, civil rights attorneys, and more. She has planned events and pioneered digital campaigns to save individual lives due to health issues, launched and managed podcasts to highlight wrongful convictions, and has played major roles in launching super PAC multimedia campaigns. She has written articles, overseen editorial, and managed relationships with writers in high-tier publications such as Fast Company, Forbes, Rolling Stone, and the Harvard Business Review, as well as in newsletters, blogs, SEO content, social media posts, and ads. She has conducted webinars and live interviews virtually and on-stage at global conferences such as the global thinktank Horasis, and the UN-partner International Women’s Peace Group, speaking on topics such as “The Freedom of Expression, Association, and Assembly for Peace in Afghanistan," “Managing Misinformation in Asia,” and “Storytelling and News Sharing: The Importance of Reliable Sources.” 


She is currently working on her second book, Saving Abby, which is a guide for treatment providers, loved ones, and individuals in active addiction, on how to navigate the world of substance abuse and treatment. 


As a living kidney donor, she understands that there is a personal responsibility in us all, and her continued mission is to use her skills to help make the world a better place.

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